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Rebecca Haastrup

Technology Consultant

Name: Rebecca Haastrup
Telephone: +4412161585
Country: United Kingdom
Gender: Female
Education: PhD
Age: 32

My Biography

Rebecca Haastrup is a staff author and technology consultant who specializes in productivity software and Mobile applications and technology. For over 10 years, Rebecca has operated her own technology consulting business, creating and maintaining databases for both enterprise and small-to-medium businesses, building websites, setting up networks, and coaching teams, employees, and individuals to harness the latest desktop and mobile technology for increased productivity.


She is now a full-time staff author at, in addition to being a regular and regarded presenter at Viva Notes conferences and a contributing author for several industry print and web magazines, textbooks, podcasts, webcasts, and other popular sites, including You can find Rebecca on her website at or follow her on Twitter @Bekistrup.