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Speech Seminars

While most people consider speaking in public worse than a death sentence, it does not have to be so. In fact, public speaking can be a fun and fruitful endeavour in the hands of a speaker with the right mindset. The first best approach when it comes to public speaking is to approach it in terms

The Life Formula

Ultimate Success Formula to Achieve Anything You Want in Life! Have you wonder why some people achieve success in their life. Want factors contribute to their success and why 95% of other people fail to achieve success in their life.There are many factors that contribute to the success of this gr

The Quantum Collapse Process

Expanding your Horizon! We need to re-orientate ourselves. The way we see everything is changing. Our model of science is being tested, expanded to fit new discoveries. We could say we are going through a paradigm shift in science. Our current paradigm has been shaken in recent years by several d


If you wish to develop considerable wealth... watch the videos! This may be one of the most important videos you will ever watch on the subject. To begin with, let me tell you straight up that there are a handful of factors that are critical to developing wealth. If you utilize these factors in y

5 Ways Self-Made Millionaires Become Wealthy

Information is the KEY. You need to learn the art. Know what kind of mind-sets the millionaires have and how you could utilise all these for your own advantage. As you know, there are all sorts of ways to make money - From real estate to the stock market to the Internet. Each has its own pros and

The 7 Big Relationship Solutions

The distinction between a healthy relationship and an unhappy relationship is often determined by how well the couple can handle their relationship problems during their most difficult moments. As stress builds, and as conflicts rise, all relationships are tested. But with the proper mindset, and

The Intentional Millionaire

Do you fear waking up in the morning then going to work then find out that you been laid off or let go because of cut backs or any other reason?

Do you like waking up in the morning at 5am to go to work every day?

Do you want the freedom to work as much or little as you like?<

Secrets of Highly Prosperous People

In the world today there is an unfortunate division; the weak and the poor; the successful and those who are not. My mission is to help those on the wrong side of the fence make up some ground and live their true potential. It is a study of personality, a study of what makes those who are extreme

Choose to be a winner

The Strategies of a Successful Living. These secrets and techniques are still fine at the moment and are as follows:

1.   Get 100% Accountability on behalf of Your Life - In a culture where people condemn the whole lot from their dad and mum to the government for failure, thos