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The Life Formula

Ultimate Success Formula to Achieve Anything You Want in Life! Have you wonder why some people achieve success in their life. Want factors contribute to their success and why 95% of other people fail to achieve success in their life.There are many factors that contribute to the success of this gr

The Freedom to Soar

The Stanford Research Institute as well as The Harvard Research Centre has discovered that 15% of a person's success in life is determined by knowledge compared to 85% being determined by attitude. It is not an overstatement to suggest that your attitude is more important than your aptitude!

Real Estate GPS

Real estate brokers are the greatest asset of small investors since brokers deal with more properties than the individual real estate investor could ever deal with. That said, however real estate agents usually act for the seller so tend to act directly opposite to that of the buyer. In addition,

Lease Purchase Success

If you have an investment property, should you rent it or sell it? The answer to that question is that you should do both. If you have lots of time on your hands and are handy with tools, you can choose to rent out your property. However, if you have several properties for rent, maintaining them

Release Your Brilliance

We have all heard the phrase a "flash of inspiration" or a "flash of brilliance". I do not know where those phrases came from exactly, but they create a perfect metaphor. Think about the flash from a camera (or if you are old enough, from a disposable flashbulb). Some spark or