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Vision Becomes Reality

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    How do you feel now that you have started setting goals? To give yourself the best chance to achieve goals and move on beyond them you will need to figure out a way to track your progress and remain motivated day after day. There is big difference between setting goals and achieving goals. Just thinking through your goals and writing them down was your first step in the right direction, but in order to achieve goals and feel completely successful in your life you will need to continually keep your eye on what you are trying to achieve. Setting goals should slowly transform your life!


    Try to think of goal-specific things that can pump up your motivation when it is lacking, but also be prepared to do things even though you really don't want to. Every so often you will also need to re-evaluate your goals as your ambitions and desires may change some. You can do this every time you reach a small goal or once a month, whatever time period works for you. From this video, you will discover ways of making your vision becoming a reality.

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