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    Ever bought a business only to find that the real figures didn't quite stack up to the rosy picture painted. Result being an inflated price paid for some creative accounting employed by the vendor. Listen, it happens all the time so you are no orphan there. The key is to learn from the experience and move on. If you look around closely you will notice people's creative licence or liberties abound everywhere. Thinly veiled lies, they are not as they usually have elements of truth behind them that are simply embellished or exaggerated. What they are, however, are creatively designed perceptions that cater for anticipated desires. The flippant amongst us would describe it as marketing - simply a means to an end. We will show you how to set your goals realistically and how to achieve success through sustained effort. Set them too high through impatience or expectation and you will surely fail. Expectation is the detour that leads you away from the path to success. Ticking the right boxes will certainly bring out the brilliance and creativity in you.

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