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Understanding Fear

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    What is the essence of “self-improvement” really and how is it best achieved? This is a critical subject to develop an understanding of both for those of us earnestly trying to improve ourselves, and especially for any of us holding ourselves out to be ‘facilitators of self-improvement’ and self-improvement programmes. Yet, I absolutely know from long experience that “true and enduring self-improvement’ can be achieved by well-designed programmes actually created for that end and which incorporates the specific psychological and physiological principles that we am going to try to illuminate here in theses training module.


    When you look at successful, confident people, they may look like in full control of their lives, with freedom from fear. In truth, though, fear attacks everyone, even the most confident, successful person. There is no absolute freedom from fear, but there is freedom from paralyzing fear. This is what successful people enjoy that others do not. What is paralyzing fear? It is a great fear that stops you from doing something to achieve what you want. Then our focus is how we can overcome any fear and achieve whatever we set out to achieve.

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