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    The Eastern Ontario dairy farm on which I grew up had numerous oak trees. I have fond memories of collecting autumn oak leaves coloured red and orange-brown or fallen acorns for science projects during my school years. It always amazed me that such a massive plant could grow from a small acorn when planted in the proper soil. Yet, the key to the oak’s imposing stature is what lies beneath the soil out of view–its root system. And the oak’s root system is just as impressive as its visible features.


    Great and True Leaders Grow Deep Roots! What the roots are to the mighty oak, six particular characteristics are to great leaders. Like roots, they may be invisible to the eye, but they are the true source of an exceptional leader’s actions. If these unseen leadership roots are not sunk deep in the soil of one’s life, the results will reveal themselves in visible leadership that is at best stunted and at worst diseased. The goal here, is to expose you to the qualities of a true and great leader.

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