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The Quantum Collapse Process

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    Expanding your Horizon! We need to re-orientate ourselves. The way we see everything is changing. Our model of science is being tested, expanded to fit new discoveries. We could say we are going through a paradigm shift in science. Our current paradigm has been shaken in recent years by several discoveries that are anomalous to our way of thinking. They simply don't 'fit' with our expectations of the world. These discoveries have grown as more and more scientists pay attention to them, and consequently, the body of evidence for these anomalies gets ever larger. As this happens, we are beginning to start to see the world in a new way- which is radically different to what we thought to be possible. So we are now living through a paradigm shift- whereby new knowledge is restructuring and transforming our current model of science. Be open-minded, be ready to learn and explore the great treasure hidden in the chestnuts in these videos. Time to explore; you will be amazed.

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