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    We have all heard the phrase a "flash of inspiration" or a "flash of brilliance". I do not know where those phrases came from exactly, but they create a perfect metaphor. Think about the flash from a camera (or if you are old enough, from a disposable flashbulb). Some spark or electrical charge provides the impetus for the flash to go off.

    At that precise moment the camera takes a picture, capturing the moment more effectively and more vividly because of the flash. Once the camera has created the picture (with the help of the flash) you can look at it and eventually, if it is a good picture, you will share it with others. That is exactly the analogy we would like you to relate with here. You need to bring out the best in you, in creative thinking and inspirational manifestations. Let us help you discover the impetus needed, the flash points and how to bring them to realisation.

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