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Presenting with Confidence

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    How you carry yourself is extremely important- especially when it comes to business. When you sit down for an interview or even when you meet someone for the first time, there is a ton of information about you that is absorbed by the other parties involved. From what you are wearing to quirky mannerisms that you never knew you had, down to how you smell- all of this is taken into account. How many times on a daily basis are you asked to tell someone about your business? Have you ever stammered, scrambling for the right words to describe what you and your company are about? Do you feel that your business is so complex that you ramble on and on forever? Preparing carefully ahead of time for such situations can be one of the most important things that you do. It is called your 30 second commercial or elevator presentation. It is basically just that. In 30 seconds you should be able to tell precisely the most important details about your company. We want to see you present with confidence in whatever you are selling to other.

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