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    Book marketing is an activity that most book authors undertake to promote their books. If you are a book author, you may have a website where you have downloads of your first chapter or chapters. But have you also made available discussion questions for book clubs to use? Book groups can be a good target market for your book, especially if it is fiction. But given how busy people are, it is helpful for readers to know that if they suggest a book to their reading group they won’t have to struggle to come up with questions. All the work has already been done for them by you the author! There is an alternative to having a website designed for you. You could do what many people are doing now – using WordPress blog software to create a website. This is usually less expensive and easier than having a programmer design a website, and you have the added advantage of more easily changing content. You will discover first-hand experience of how you could market books and eBooks.

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