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    In the art of loving and ensure a perfect relationship. The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love. When it comes to dating and love relationships there are certain “love facts” that most people believe to be true. But, surprisingly, if we look at the actual research about these “love facts” we may find that they are not facts at all. They are fictions, myths. This is key information for anyone who is interested in creating a great love relationship; separating love fiction from love fact makes you an informed “consumer” when it comes to your dating and love life.


    Fact: Research shows that love and marriage take hard work, including commitment, positive communication, and the ability to resolve fights. The best relationship advice I can give you is that you need to work on yourself and choose someone, a good friend with chemistry, who is willing to grow with you. These are the keys to an enduring relationship. Sorry, no fairy tale. The modules here will keep you grounded

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