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How to prepare and present powerful talks

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    When you make a presentation—whether to one person, when you attend networking events, or to group of people, when you make a formal presentation—project competence and authority, regardless of your position, to move ahead in your career or move your business to the next level. First impressions are crucial. Often, the first impression you make is when you shake someone’s hand in greeting. Your handshake communicates critical information. A firm, dry, warm handshake conveys power and confidence regardless of gender. Women, however, need to be especially conscious about and proficient with The Handshake as the process and technique is not taught to us at an early age. Effective art of presentation helps us to promote our businesses, when you are seeking financial backing or business contracts. If you need to present your ideas, business plans, or political views to others effectively and purposefully, you need to master the arts exposed in this training material.

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