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    So, you have spent an enormous amount on advertising in the media and got very little response - or maybe you were scared enough by the prices that you never put the ads there to begin with. You are annoyed at how expensive it is to get even the simplest and smallest ad in front of anyone, and how useless the whole thing seems to be. That is because media advertising, in the main, is not designed to cater to home businesses. No, if you want to get ahead as a home business, you are going to have to do the advertising yourself.


    What is Guerrilla Marketing?

    Guerrilla marketing is a way of advertising when you have an almost non-existent budget. Instead of thinking of your business as a smaller version of a big one, you have to realise the situation you are in, and behave accordingly to maximise your profits while minimising your marketing costs. Essentially, you are going to try to do anything to get publicity. Learn the art today and transform your business marketing experience.

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