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Excel 2013 Tips and Tricks
Excel 2013 Tips and Tricks
Excel 2013 Tips and Tricks!
In this course we will show you how to use this popular software more efficiently. Most Excel users are underutilizing it because they are not aware of the many keystroke shortcuts and techniques that they could be using. Whether you need to create formulas quickly, split data into columns, apply numeric formats, create charts in a flash, accelerate data entry chores, or just learn the top 10 shortcuts that every Excel user should know, you can save time by learning some of the tips in this course. We have got a lot to cover, so let us get started with Excel 2013 Tips and Tricks.

Increase your Excel productivity with the power user tips and tricks packed into this fast-paced course.This course will show you how to create formulas quickly, split data into columns, apply formatting, build charts, and fast-track routine data-entry chores. Short on time? Make sure to check out the "Top Ten Shortcuts" and "Ten Tiny Tips" chapters for a quick productivity boost. Start now and get an immediate return on your investment, with powerful techniques that will save you hours every week.

Topics include:
•    Converting formulas to values with a simple drag
•    Entering today's date or time instantly
•    Accessing Ribbon commands from the keyboard
•    Creating split screens fast
•    Navigating quickly
•    Entering data more efficiently
•    Performing calculations without formulas
•    Applying formatting with keyboard shortcuts
•    Using database techniques to work with Excel data

The skills acquired from this version are mostly applicable to newer versions of Excel.

If you think that Microsoft Excel is only for business purposes, you are wrong. Many use it for various personal needs at home too. Some of the features that you should understand about Microsoft Excel to unlock the potentiality of this application are working with spreadsheets, cell formatting, various menus and toolbars, entering of data and editing the same, navigating between various spreadsheets, formula calculation, inserting various functions like date/time, mathematical functions, using of various charts that are available, inserting, editing and deleting comments on cells, etc.

Computer Based Training (CBT) is a way to master MS Excel. This is where you take your own time to master the application. With the help of CBT, you get realistic, interactive and complete training. You get to learn right from what a beginner should learn to advanced level. Once the training is over, you would have mastered Microsoft Excel. You get to see simulations of Microsoft Excel application software. Some CBT also offer review quiz questions to gauge your understanding. CBT generally offer interactive, complete and comprehensive training. As it offers practice questions, you will be able to understand better and gain confidence in using the application. According to me, this is one of the best ways to learn Microsoft Excel.

The concept of spreadsheeting has been around for hundreds of years. The process can be described as the ability to arrange numbers, characters and other objects into rows and columns. It is most common that spreadsheets only contain numbers and text. The software version of spreadsheeting basically takes the manual processes described above and puts them into an electronic format. Whilst the accounting industry which most commonly uses spreadsheets they can be used in any situation.

Excel 2013 Tips and Tricks
Excel 2013 Tips and Tricks
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