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    There is magic in this life and indeed life is magic. Keep being open to the magic and everything you desire will flow into your life with ease - NO MATTER where your life is currently focused. This is the magic of trusting. Trust comes from knowing - knowing that life is indeed perfect and WILL deliver to you your desires. The quicker you allow them to come to you, the quicker you can experience them.

    The training module will help you to create the kind of life you want. Life has often been compared to a tapestry-a rich woven blend of experiences. The threads are our individual life experiences, and the final tapestry, a full reflection of our perfect life. While we are only choosing to see the individual threads of life, we are missing out on the experience of the whole tapestry.

    Right before our eyes is the whole tapestry all laid out, ready for us to wrap ourselves in its warm sunset hue. But where do we focus instead - at individual threads that we define as being 'wrong' in our lives. Stop! Stop! Look at the tapestry again - complete and whole - colourful and magical. Look at each perfect thing in your life - your children - food on the table - the roof over your head - look - just look!

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