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Clients Risk Tolerance Level When Buying or Selling

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    Selling is all about getting people to change and change always involves risk. Generally, when given a choice, most people will always choose to not change. People are creatures of habit and change requires them to break old habits and create new ones. What makes selling difficult is the fact that it requires you to work against human nature by getting people to change (and you thought this was going to be easy!). If you think about it, much of the resistance (objections, stalls) you will encounter in sales is a function of risk. Most people will resist change if they believe that the risk they take to change is greater than the risk they will experience by deciding to not change. The old belief "better to live with the devil you know, than the devil you do not know" is what makes it difficult to create the inertia you need to get people to change. It is a powerful force that we will all have to deal with. Learn the tips in breaking these barriers, today.

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