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    Negotiating a business deal, whether as a buyer or a seller, can be a rewarding experience, but too often people approach the table with a distinct sense of trepidation. Viewing negotiating as a form of conflict is highly negative, and approaching any situation in this way will invariably lead to poor results. The art of successful negotiation is something which only a few select people involved in business seem to be born with, but which the rest of us have to work very hard at developing.


    Many entrepreneurs and new business owners find themselves thrust into negotiations with little training, and despite having high hopes for making a success in the world of business, find that almost everyone else outmanoeuvres them and appears to win. This can corroborate any prior misgivings that negotiation is about conflict, and that it must necessarily result in a winner and a loser.


    So for those who have not been blessed with an innate ability to negotiate effectively, what are the best tips to bear in mind? The truth is that effective negotiating should never result in any one party feeling that they have lost, and if this is the case, then the full responsibility for this must lie with that party. If you have ever felt that you have lost out on a deal, then the blame lies with your preparation. It is important that you adequately prepare yourself for future encounters, and correct the assumptions and improve your tactics. Learn the art of Negotiation and apply knowledge acquired to transform your life.

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