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Becoming A Power Negotiator

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    Would you agree that your success, in business and in life, is determined by your ability to successfully ask for, and get, what you want? It may have begun when you first asked for a cookie. Today, you may be asking for a $50,000 contract or a higher discount on supplies. Suppose you are in a sales negotiation meeting aiming to sell a product. Should you state the price first and carry on justifying it or should you explain the product and then present its price? These videos attempt to answer the questions, as well as, providing tips on how to manage the negotiation discussion.


    The principles are the same. Yet you find people often miss the mark. Clients tell us that they fear negotiations will result in anger, so they never even ask for what they want. Or their negotiations bring about a stalemate. In every instance, we find that four specific keys are missing. Mastering Negotiation Principles require great introspection, listening skills and clear communication. But these principles can make you a skilled negotiator. Not only that, skilled negotiations can increase the confidence that people place in you.

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