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Amazing Secrets to Living the Life You Love

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    Work is an essential part of life. For starters we are judged by our careers. Go to a party sometime and the first thing people ask after an introduction is 'so what do you do?' If your job is prestigious they admire you, if it is lucrative they resent you and if it is satisfying they respect you a lot. We sometimes hate to get out of bed on a Monday morning but deep down inside we are grateful. Work pays the bills, keeps us busy and gives us a sense of security. Sometimes a false sense of security. We are going to share with you steps to making a living doing work that doesn't seem like work for the most part. You can take the word 'starving' out of starving artist, you can turn any hobby, habit, skill or craft into a decent livelihood. Bored with your day job? You can change that. Perhaps you have got children and want flexible work that allows you to be the best parent you can be? Create it. Want some extra income on the side? Go for it. There is no better motivator than satisfying work. With a bit of courage and the principles you will uncover here, you can have the best of both worlds.

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