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Advanced Microsoft Project
Advanced Microsoft Project
Building on the skills learned in the popular Project 2010 and Project 2013 Essential Training courses, this Video teaches more advanced aspects of the popular project management software, first introducing powerful shortcuts for opening and saving files, and then moving into assigning resources, managing project costs, and setting up earned value tracking. She also provides handy tips for exchanging data with other projects as well as linking and embedding data.

Readers will then learn how to customize fields and generate cool graphical and visual reports. Finally, the course shows how to share various customizations and configurations as well as best practices for managing multiple projects. It has been said that when all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. But such is not the issue we are facing today.

Topics we will be covering includes, though not limited to:
•    Recalculating duration, work, and units for assignment changes
•    Adding, removing, and replacing resources
•    Defining part-time resources
•    Setting cost rates
•    Accounting for overtime costs
•    Working with earned value
•    Exchanging data with other programs
•    Customizing fields and reports
•    Sharing customization
•    Sharing resources and linking tasks between projects

You will see how to modify assignments and get the results you want whether you want duration, work, or resource allocation to stay the same. We will look at ways to handle part-time resources, edit in-progress assignments, and more.
Microsoft Project
Advanced Microsoft Project
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