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    This training module is to help you overcome public speaking anxiety and equip you to make a success of public speaking. With the pressures of climbing the corporate ladder and just keeping up with the Jones’s, there are many things that are pushing us in life to succeed and achieve greater goals, year on year. While really wanting to succeed and attain our goals we can stumble on some obstacles that may be barriers that keep us from making a success in life and reaching our goals. One example of this is the fear of public speaking or public presentation. This is also known as public speaking anxiety. In a recent survey this phobia was put at number one as being the most severe fear that you could suffer from. Just to show you how bad it can be, the fear of death on the same survey came it at number seven!


    We can empathize with people that are sufferers at the moment. The phobia itself is ‘all in the mind’ however it really does have a physical part to play too, allowing us to sweat, shake and get palpitations – sometimes even just thinking about it! I even remember reading a case history once of a young man in his twenties suffering a heart attack due to the stress and pressure that he was under with his public speaking anxiety. It really can cause a massive effect on the person that it is hounding.

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