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12 Points of Becoming a Master Communicator

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    Do you want to reduce the conflict in your life? In this videos, you will discover key communication skills that, if programmed into your behaviour, will instantly reduce theconflict in your life by at least half. Let us review the Twelve Secrets of the becoming a Conscious master Communicator - and when and how to use them. The three main parts to the communication process are how you look, how you sound and what you say. When all three parts are congruent, messages are perceived clearly. Effective communication is a two-way thing; as you communicate, the message you be clearly received and understood. When you wire these 12 Conscious Communication secrets into your behaviour, you will nip in the bud half the conflict in your life and be an agent of positive change for all of those around you. Whether you believe it or not, businesses and enterprises are expected to communicate their ideas and goals in an effective way for them to be impactful and successful.

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