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Unleashing Your Brilliance

Ever bought a business only to find that the real figures didn't quite stack up to the rosy picture painted. Result being an inflated price paid for some creative accounting employed by the vendor. Listen, it happens all the time so you are no orphan there. The key is to learn from the experi

True Leaders

The Eastern Ontario dairy farm on which I grew up had numerous oak trees. I have fond memories of collecting autumn oak leaves coloured red and orange-brown or fallen acorns for science projects during my school years. It always amazed me that such a massive plant could grow from a small acorn wh

The Intentional Millionaire

Do you fear waking up in the morning then going to work then find out that you been laid off or let go because of cut backs or any other reason?

Do you like waking up in the morning at 5am to go to work every day?

Do you want the freedom to work as much or little as you like?<

Willie Jolley Live in Australia

One of the important aspects in our life is motivation; we tend to lose our energy for many reasons quickly. Lack of energy diminishes efficiency, affects productivity, creates frustration, develops stress, makes you short temper and ends up with depression; all these affect both personal and pro

Leadership And Peak Performance

In an uncertain economy, a high performance leadership certificate coupled with corporate performance training can help your business dominate the market.  Times have changed; leaders are no longer able to make corporate decisions without first accounting for change.  Leaders must now t