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Who are the Champions

Everyone has it in them to become champions, whether in work, relationships, family, endeavours, and sport, whatever. The key to our success lies in the following world-beating mental qualities. Attitude is the start and end point of all championship work. Without the right positive attitude of s

The Truth and The Secrets of Everlasting Love

In order to experience everlasting love in your life, you ought to first figure out what is missing in your life and then fill in the gaps. People fall in and out of love because they expect their lovers to be everything to them and do everything for them. They then become dissatisfied when the p

The Quantum Collapse Process

Expanding your Horizon! We need to re-orientate ourselves. The way we see everything is changing. Our model of science is being tested, expanded to fit new discoveries. We could say we are going through a paradigm shift in science. Our current paradigm has been shaken in recent years by several d

The 7 Big Relationship Solutions

The distinction between a healthy relationship and an unhappy relationship is often determined by how well the couple can handle their relationship problems during their most difficult moments. As stress builds, and as conflicts rise, all relationships are tested. But with the proper mindset, and

The 5 Steps to Love

We are meant to live a life of love. However, no matter how successful some are in other aspects of their lives, they do not feel it is possible to have the same success in love. They tell themselves to “be realistic.” But being in love is the most mature and realistic thing you can d