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Becoming A Power Negotiator

Would you agree that your success, in business and in life, is determined by your ability to successfully ask for, and get, what you want? It may have begun when you first asked for a cookie. Today, you may be asking for a $50,000 contract or a higher discount on supplies. Suppose you are in a sa

Making Your Dreams Come True

We all have dreams. But not all of us have the faith in ourselves, that we can have and live those dreams in our lifetime. Actually, the secret to have such certainty is simple. And the reason why we doubt it so much is also straightforward. Let us begin with the first question that we can ask ou

Live Out Loud

The goal is to help us realise the options before us. Living Out Loud! You Would Jump at Such an Opportunity, Wouldn’t You? So, here is the choice. We can stop here, now, and tread no further into the adventure of this lifetime, stunned into silence, by the storied fears within our heads, b

How to prepare and present powerful talks

When you make a presentation—whether to one person, when you attend networking events, or to group of people, when you make a formal presentation—project competence and authority, regardless of your position, to move ahead in your career or move your business to the next level. First

Creating Magic Create The Life You Want

There is magic in this life and indeed life is magic. Keep being open to the magic and everything you desire will flow into your life with ease - NO MATTER where your life is currently focused. This is the magic of trusting. Trust comes from knowing - knowing that life is indeed perfect and WILL