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The 4Ps of Powerful Potent Presentations

If speaking in front of an audience scares you more than death itself, it is time to fight this fear and get up and just do it! When we confront our fears, we grow with new knowledge and train ourselves to handle difficult situations. If you train yourself to confidently speak in front of large g

The Art of Effective Communication

Whether it is a job interview, a salary negotiation with your boss or the race for a political post - choosing to communicate effectively will ensure you are heard the way you want to be heard. Effective communication is not a reflex response so can be difficult to use but luckily it can be learn

Speech Seminars

While most people consider speaking in public worse than a death sentence, it does not have to be so. In fact, public speaking can be a fun and fruitful endeavour in the hands of a speaker with the right mindset. The first best approach when it comes to public speaking is to approach it in terms

Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills: We all need to learn the art of presenting. To fully understand the rules that govern just how much information you can include in your presentation slides, you need to appreciate a fundamental of human nature – namely, that we have an innate desire to be The First to K

Negotiation Skills

Mastering Negotiation Principles require great introspection, listening skills and clear communication. But these principles can make you a skilled negotiator. Not only that, skilled negotiations can increase the confidence that people place in you. Would you agree that your success, in business