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Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills: We all need to learn the art of presenting. To fully understand the rules that govern just how much information you can include in your presentation slides, you need to appreciate a fundamental of human nature – namely, that we have an innate desire to be The First to K

Why Is My Life not Changing

Most people ask "Why is my life not changing?" The answer to the question is explained below and the video. It has been proven that the way you think affects every aspect of your life, including your relationships to your health. The way you think is strongly influenced by your belief s

The Freedom to Soar

The Stanford Research Institute as well as The Harvard Research Centre has discovered that 15% of a person's success in life is determined by knowledge compared to 85% being determined by attitude. It is not an overstatement to suggest that your attitude is more important than your aptitude!

The Truth and The Secrets of Everlasting Love

In order to experience everlasting love in your life, you ought to first figure out what is missing in your life and then fill in the gaps. People fall in and out of love because they expect their lovers to be everything to them and do everything for them. They then become dissatisfied when the p

Negotiation Skills

Mastering Negotiation Principles require great introspection, listening skills and clear communication. But these principles can make you a skilled negotiator. Not only that, skilled negotiations can increase the confidence that people place in you. Would you agree that your success, in business

Presenting with Confidence

How you carry yourself is extremely important- especially when it comes to business. When you sit down for an interview or even when you meet someone for the first time, there is a ton of information about you that is absorbed by the other

Making Your Dreams Come True

We all have dreams. But not all of us have the faith in ourselves, that we can have and live those dreams in our lifetime. Actually, the secret to have such certainty is simple. And the reason why we doubt it so much is also straightforward. Let us begin with the first question that we can ask ou

Live Out Loud

The goal is to help us realise the options before us. Living Out Loud! You Would Jump at Such an Opportunity, Wouldn’t You? So, here is the choice. We can stop here, now, and tread no further into the adventure of this lifetime, stunned into silence, by the storied fears within our heads, b